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Hey guys I’m Ash! A Google 360 photographer/writer/adventurer. Born in the sunny English Riviera UK, I’m a country boy at heart with a love for sun.

Since picking up my 360 camera I’ve been obsessed with it and I want to take it everywhere I go and take LOTS of amazing pictures. With this website I hope to give you a full insight into destinations, offer area guides, hints & tips, inspire & help other 360 photographers of all skill levels to create awesome images that STAND OUT!

Take a look around and let me help you explore in 360.

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Below are a few shots from the collection in panoramic style. To see them in full 360° just head on over to the Portfolio Page

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George & Dragon - I hadn't been in here since they completed the rebuild. It is now a large, modern pub designed around serving food. It has three levels, the front has a big beer garden with tables and umbrellas, I believe it's the only beer garden offering outdoor dining in Dartmouth. There are several cool metal sculptures of dragons around and some wall art of ships from all ages on the River Dart and in Dartmouth Harbour.… Continue reading George & Dragon
Brunel’s Dance, Brunel Wood - Take a walk through Brunel Wood and you'll stumble across a clearing where this memorial lies hidden away in memory of Isambard Kingdom Brunel.… Continue reading Brunel’s Dance, Brunel Wood
Waterhead Creek - A picturesque walk around Waterhead Creek in Kingswear. Follow around the creek and through the woods above the creek. Look out for wildlife, boats on moorings and of course the stunning views across the creek to the river Dart.… Continue reading Waterhead Creek

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Simply select a location, then click on the description link for the 360° photo or you can scroll through the list using the menu legend in the top left of the map.

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New Mobile App Plotagraph Let’s You Animate Still Images - Plotagraph (ios only) This program lets you ‘animate’ cinemagraph style GIFs and videos from still JPEGs. Check out my first effort below next to the original. Only down side it’s not free, priced at £4.99, download it here   Click here for more mobile apps Have I missed anything, Let me know below
Easily Remove the Tripod from Your 360 Pictures - Removing your tripod is actually easier than you think. All you need is a photo editing program like photoshop and follow the simple step by step instructions below.… Continue reading Easily Remove the Tripod from Your 360 Pictures
Stitch Samsung Gear 360 Photos Online for Free - You can now stitch Samsung Gear 360 photos online for free with NadirPatch.com, a web-based service that offers several tools for editing 360 photos.… Continue reading Stitch Samsung Gear 360 Photos Online for Free


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