Top 360° Mobile Editing Apps

If you’re away from your desktop and unable to use the ActionDirector, then these are my favourite apps for editing my 360° photos and videos while on the move. Now because you’re using a specific make of camera doesn’t mean that you’re stuck using their software.

Updated: 24 July 2017.

Check out these apps:


Cover art

This isn’t made for any specific camera, its out there for all 360° cameras and Its so damn simple to use. Just select the videos you want and it gives you a timeline of videos that you can then drag and drop to change sequence and edit them all at the same time. You can even choose to make slow/fast motion videos, trim several moments from the same video, set a new centre, add music, filters and all for free.


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With the latest update on android you can now set the focus point, add a text intro (not overlay), set transitions, combine clips, trim, sort, add music, and save your 360 video in beautiful 4K resolution straight from your mobile phone. One thing missing is the ability to use fast/slow motion.

Insta Air 360

Cover art

This is the closest android users can get to Rollworld. You can animate your still photos from a spinning 360 into a tiny planet and more. All you have to do is click on share to the likes of instagram/whatsapp and you have the animation option. You can also upload your own logo (Nadir patch)

The app works upside down which is a little weird at first, but isn’t a problem.

Plotagraph (ios only)

Image result for plotagraph

This program lets you ‘animate’ cinemagraph style GIFs and videos from still JPEGs. Check out my first effort below next to the original.

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Only down side it’s not free.

Theta Converter

Cover art

This is the only app i’ve found that offers the ability to edit a 360 still. I’ve been there. You’ve been shooting without your phone and think you’ve taken that amazing shot, but later realise you forgot the lens orientation and the key focal point is all wrong. This app is for you. It’s easy to use, with very simple controls allowing you to straighten, level and re-centre images manually.

There are two versions of this app, the free version is great, but you are limited on the quality of output. If you plan on showing off your shots in VR or a big screen then its best to upgrade to Theta Converter Pro for £5.99.

Theta+ Video

Cover art

You can edit your 360° videos and timelapse videos. You can switch the view, crop, change the colour tones, add music and use filters. However it’s limited to only editing one video at a time, has no text overlay or fast/slow motion options. Which is why this has come in last on my list.

Rollworld (ios only)

For you iPhone users only, unfortunately this isn’t available for android 😭, but it is an amazing app for animating your 360 pictures. I don’t own an Iphone, but it’s almost tempting to get hold of one just for this app. Come on Rollworld make an android version already!!

Little Planet

Cover art

This one is available on Android and is great for creating those tiny planets and worm holes. It allows you to adjust all angles from, latitude, longitude, the bulge, zoom, rotate and change its position on the screen.


Cover art

This is almost like having photoshop in your pocket. It has some fantastic features for a mobile app, with lots of tools like the healing brush, selective adjustments and a bunch of filters. It’s a must have for post processing your snaps on the move.


Cover art

Unclip has been acquired by Samsung VR and as of June 30 2017 Unclip will end support of the app. This is exciting news for gear 360 users as in the near future we’ll hopefully have a decent editing app from Samsung.


For editing my videos, I think i’ll be using a bit of both Collect and V360. At least until one of them actually offers all the possible 360 editing features in one app.

For still photos, for now anyway there is only one app for editing, it’s just a shame it comes with a 5.99 price tag. Lets hope someone out there comes up with a free app for these simple yet crucial image adjustments soon.

For tiny planets, until Rollworld create an android version then I will be using Little Planet (For precision) and Insta Air for easy quick share animation.

I’ll be adding more to these as and when I come across any new and improved apps, so watch out for any updates.

Check out my top desktop editing software

Do You Know of Any better Out There? Let me know



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