Visit Santa Monica

I’ve wanted to visit the idyllic oceanfront city that is Santa Monica with its long beach ever since watching the hit series Baywatch as a kid. The huge expanse of sand, the boardwalk and with many lovely ladies I was hoping I might even just bump into a Yasmine Bleeth while I was there (wishful thinking I know).

We parked up in a car park near the famous Muscle Beach and took a stroll toward the Pier. There’s actually a fair bit to see and do on the Pier itself. First things first we made our way out to the very end to check out the views and randomly to find there was a parked up cop car.

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solar powered Ferris wheel

After admiring the views and enjoying some of the performers and the many shops including the end of the famous Route 66. We decided to have a go on the the world’s only solar powered Ferris wheel. At the top you have panoramic views of Malibu and the South Bay coastline and they are pretty outstanding. I think this is a must do if your in the area.

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If it’s a nice hot day which im sure it will be, its sunny California after all. You have to buy yourself some dippin dots ice cream from a kiosk in Pacific Park. Oh my, it’s delicious and I highly recommend this stuff. You can even mix it up, I went for the Bubblegum and Cotton Candy. I so want to campaign to bring it to the UK.

After the pier we walked along the beach and thought it would be a good idea to step in the water. Sweet jesus that was cold, a few seconds was more than long enough. Moving on we eventually ended up on the boardwalk, surrounded by many amazing street performers and artists that hang out around here. We even came across a couple of two headed turtles, if you like weird and wonderful things that is. Just be on your guard a little though, watch out for the scammers trying to sell you their CD’s, they’re asking for $20+ a pop! You can buy an officially produced CD for a tenner!

a little bit of Italy

Not alot of people realise there’s a little bit of Italy just around the corner, go and wander the Venice Canals . It’s not far and a great escape if you want a break from the hussle and bussle of the boardwalk and while your walking the midtown keep an eye out for some of the cool artwork and graffiti on walls.


After wandering around and seeing all that we decided to head on back to the beach to sit, chill and watch the sunset. A perfect end to a brilliant day. I bet this place rocks at night, just a shame we didn’t have time to experience it, maybe next time.

Santa Monica is an ideal destination for families and visitors of any age and a much more relaxed feel than that of the Hollywood Boulevard. This was my favourite part of L.A and I highly recommend checking it out if your in the area.


Situated on Santa Monica Bay, it is bordered on three sides by the city of Los Angeles. Pacific Palisades to the north, Brentwood on the northeast, Sawtelle on the east, Mar Vista on the southeast and Venice on the south. Santa Monica Beach is 3.5 mile long and enjoys an average of 310 days of sunshine a year.

Getting There:

If your in L.A, then just head west. If your feet get wet you’ve gone too far!

  • There are a quite few car parks around and even parking on the pier itself, accessible via the ramp at Ocean and Colorado. There is also two lower car parks accessible via Appian Way.
  • It’s just a short ride on a bus
  • Jump in an Uber or Lyft.

Getting Around:

It’s an easily walkable 8.3 square miles, many rent bikes or even rollerblade around.

Nearby To Do’s:

  • Santa Monica Pier.
  • Pacific Park Wheel.
  • Aquarium.
  • Santa Monica Beach.
  • Check out the Street Performers
  • Boardwalk.
  • Venice Canals.

Where To Eat:

  • Larry’s Great beer selection and reasonable prices. Grab a seat at the bar if you can.
  • Venice Ale House Good Craft Beer selection, they even have a skate of beer sampler. If you order food you can sit outside, chill and watch the world go by.
  • Hinano Cafe Serving world-famous burgers and cold beers just steps from the Venice Beach pier since 1962.
  • Huckleberry Cafe & Bakery Damn good breakfast here, its exceptionally busy though. You may have to wait for a table, but It’s well worth it.


Helpful Tips:

  • Rent a bike if your not fond of walking.
  • Avoid the CD scammers like the plague.
  • Get £30 off your first Airbnb trip of £55 or more click here.

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Have I missed anything, Let me know below


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