The Gorgeous Beaches Around Torbay

Not many people, even some locals realise just how many beaches Torbay has, 3 of them awarded with the Blue Flag, 10 the Seaside Award

List of Beaches

  1. Anstey’s Cove …..(Seaside Award)
  2. Babbacombe Beach
  3. Beacon Cove
  4. Breakwater Beach ……(Seaside Award, Blue Flag)
  5. Broadsands Beach …..(Seaside Award)
  6. Churston Cove
  7. Corbyn Beach
  8. Elberry Cove
  9. Fairy Cove
  10. Fishcombe Cove
  11. Goodrington Sands …..(Seaside Award)
  12. Hollicombe Beach
  13. Hopes Nose (Raised Beach)
  14. Institute Beach
  15. Livermead Beach
  16. Maidencombe Beach …..(Seaside Award)
  17. Mansands Beach
  18. Meadfoot Beach ……(Seaside Award, Blue Flag)
  19. Oddicombe Beach ……(Seaside Award, Blue Flag)
  20. Oyster Cove
  21. Paignton Sands …..(Seaside Award)
  22. Preston Sands …..(Seaside Award)
  23. Redgate Beach (Closed due to unstable cliffs, access at your own risk)
  24. Saltern Cove
  25. Scabbacombe Sands (Naturist)
  26. Shoalstone Beach
  27. St Mary’s Bay
  28. Torre Abbey Sands …..(Seaside Award)
  29. Watcombe Beach

Beaches Just outside of the Bay

  1. Beesands
  2. Blackpool Sands ……(Seaside Award, Blue Flag)
  3. Challaborough Beach ……(Seaside Award, Blue Flag)
  4. Dawlish Warren Beach ……(Seaside Award, Blue Flag)
  5. Ness Cove
  6. Sandy Bay Beach ……(Seaside Award, Blue Flag)
  7. Shaldon Beach
  8. Slapton Sands
  9. Sugary Cove
  10. Teignmouth Back Beach
  11. Teignmouth Holcombe Cove
  12. Teignmouth Town Beach

Where To Find Them:

Posts About Torbay Beaches:

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