Top 360° Desktop Editing Software

If you’re looking for software other than ActionDirector to use for your desktop then these are my other favourites for editing 360° videos.

Updated 8th August 2017.

Insta360 Studio

This has been by far the best software I found for editing 360, best of all it’s FREE and available for both Windows and Mac. The software is from Insta360, the makers of the Insta360 Air and the Nano cameras. However, it can be used for videos taken by other 360 cameras as long as they’re stitched in standard equirectangular .mp4 format. Which means you will firstly need to stitch the files using action director or in the app first. Then with the stitched file, you can open it in insta studio. You can use the studio to edit videos only, not photos.

This will allow you to add keyframes (POI) throughout your video that when played it will then automatically move to as its playing, including from normal view to a tiny planet and back again.

Download insta360 Studio here:

For Windows           

For Mac

Garmin VIRB® Edit

Also FREE, this one lets you change the orientation of your 360 video, add transitions, titles and text. I’ve been using it if i’ve decided I need to change the starting focal point of my videos and add floating text, which you can have appear anywhere, stay and disappear to whatever time you choose. Considering this is free It’s some pretty advanced editing software.

Download VIRB® Edit here:

For Windows           

For Mac

Nadir Patch


You can now stitch Samsung Gear 360 photos online for FREE with, a web-based service that offers several tools for editing 360 photos.

All you have to do is simply upload an unstitched photo in double circular fisheye format and it will stitch it into standard equirectangular form. This could mean there’s no longer any need to have high end Samsung phone to work the Gear 360. Considering it’s currently priced ridiculously cheap (less than £170) for a 30mp camera, this is a great opportunity for beginners to try out 360 photography.

Analog Exif (beta)

AnalogExif Icon

Analog Exif is a FREE image metadata editor for images. I recently stumbled across this while looking for a better exif editor on my desktop. This allows batch operations, meaning I can edit multiple files at once, saving myself time and effort. You can also copy metadata from another file.

Download here: Analog Exif (beta)

I’ll add more as and when I come across any new and improved software, so watch for updates.

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Do You Know of Any better Out There? Let me know


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  1. You have great photographing skills. I wish I was as good as you in this field. I am serious you are really talented photographer and photo editor.


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