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Imagine a hot summers day with a cold beer or glass of wine down by the waterfront, enjoying a plate of fresh seafood that was caught that very same day. Brixham has a proud reputation for being one of the top earning fishing ports in the UK.


Brixham is a small fishing town that makes up one third of Torbay. Once split in two halves, the harbour area being Fishtown and on top of the hill, the St Mary’s area of Cowtown.


There’s no shortage of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets, ranging from luxury hotels to charming Bed & Breakfasts and quality self catering establishments.

  • Airbnb, from £20 a night for a private room, while entire apartments/homes can start from around £40 a night, this would be my recommended option.
  • Camping, Upton Manor FarmGalmpton Touring Park. Prices from £8 depending on the time of year
  • Hostel, There are no hostels in Brixham.
  • B&B & Guest Houses, There are loads to choose from, probably best to look at the reviews on tripadvisor.  Prices start from £40 a night.
  • Hotel, There are many budget to choose from, up to the more luxurious like the Berry Head hotel. Prices start from £40 – £150+ a night.

Getting Around:

  • Bus, There are two companies running throughout the bay Stagecoach and Torbay Buses. A Stagecoach Dayrider is £5 for adults and £3.50 for a child, Area the ticket covers. After 7PM ask for a Nightrider £2 until end of service.
  • Taxi, There are a few to choose from:
    • Ace Taxis: 01803 882121
    • Torbay Taxis: 01803 211611
    • Price First Taxis: 01803 322322
    • Torbay Cab Company: 01803 292292
    • Riviera Taxis: 01803 212600
  • Car, is by far the easiest option if you want to travel between towns. There are a few local places you can hire from, Thrifty, Enterprise, ChiefBudget Car
  • Ferry, There are a few, but for just £2 and 20 minutes you can travel between the 3 towns. Check out We Ferry.
  • Walking, With some of the best coastal paths in the country, walking these wont disappoint, with the stunning views on a sunny day. (Don’t forget the sunscreen)

Things To Do:

Where To Eat & Drink:

Where To Find Them:

Nearby Destinations:

Helpful Tips:

  • Yeti Delivery will pick up a takeaway and bring it to your door.
  • Be aware of the seagulls if your outside with food.
  • Get £30 off your first Airbnb trip of £55 or more click here.

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Have I missed anything, Let me know below


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