Watch 360° On Your Desktop

If you’re looking for a free 360 desktop player for your PC or Mac then you needn’t look any further. I think these are the best currently out there, go check out these:

Updated 8th August 2017.

1. VLC 360°

VLC has become the first major video player app to play 360° videos. It looks and feels like any other version of VLC, it can open and play all your videos, audio files or discs.

This is only an early build and there will be plenty more to come. They say there will be future releases available for Android, iOS and Xbox One with the mobile versions using the phone sensors to navigate inside the videos. They’re also hoping to support VR headsets like Vive, Daydream, Oculus or OSVR in 2017 and get 3D audio playback, including head tracking headphones which sounds cool.

Download it for free here:

For Windows 7 (and later)

For MacOS 10.10 (and later) Note that this build is not signed with a GateKeeper certificate. Therefore, you need to right-click on the application to select Open to launch them for the first time after download.

2. Go Pro VR Player

A stripped-back interface makes it very easy to use. There’s no button-packed toolbar or nested right-click menu, just drag and drop your video and it starts playing immediately.

Download it for free here:

For Windows (64 Bit)

For Windows (32 Bit)

For Mac

Or try the new Beta version. Remember this is an early release of the next version of the software, with new features and fixes, but still requires testing and can be unstable or present bugs.

For Windows (64 Bit)

For Mac

3. Ricoh Theta 

A simple basic interface that lets you drag and drop your pictures or video and view them in 360, including full screen mode.

Download it for free here:

For Windows

For Mac

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Do you know of any better? Let me know


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