Visit Kingswear

Just a stones throw across to the town of Dartmouth, Kingswear is a charming village that has some stunning views across the River Dart.


There are several small tourist-oriented shops.

The Castle was built to protect Dartmouth and was constructed between 1491 and 1502.


  • Airbnb, from £50-£125 for an entire home.
  • Hostel, There are no hostels.
  • Camping, Caravan and Motorhome Club on Hill Head.
  • B&B & Guest Houses, from £170 per night at Kaywana Hall or Nonsuch House.

Getting Around:

  • Car, Parking is limited, there is a small short stay car park behind the train station. Some Free parking down near the creek.
  • Bus, stops at the banjo. The No. 120 will take you to Paignton and the No. 18 to Brixham.
  • Ferry, you can use either the foot passenger or the lower vehicle ferry.
  • Train, catch the steam train to & from Paignton.
  • Walking, unless you want to head out of the village, everything is easily within walking distance.

Nearby To Do’s:

Where To Eat & Drink:

Where To Find Them:

Nearby Destinations:

Helpful Tips:

  • Get £30 off your first Airbnb trip of £55 or more click here.
  • It would be cheaper for you to stay overnight in Paignton or Brixham.

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