How To Add Your Own 360º Logo in 2 Minutes

A simple video showing you how to customise the base logo of your 360 shots. You will need photoshop and post editing to achieve this but it’s actually quite simple to do.

  1. Load your Logo.
  2. Go to Image, Rotate to 180°, so it flips your image upside down.
  3. Go to Filter, Distort, select Polar Coordinates. A popup should appear, check rectangular to polar (Tiny planet style).
  4. Select Image, Rotate, Flip Vertical and then Image, Rotate, Flip Horizontal.
  5. Save as a Png file for future use. (I missed out that bit in the video, oops)
  6. Now just highlight the whole logo, go to edit and copy.
  7. Open the 360 photo you want to watermark.
  8. Edit and paste your new logo.
  9. Select the move tool, then click on the center cross hair to pick up and drag the logo to the bottom.
  10. Stretch either side out to reach the edges of the photo.
  11. Then shrink it to your desired height, the lower you go the smaller the logo will appear.
  12. Save as a Jpeg (remembering not to overwrite the original).
  13. Now when viewed in your 360° player, your logo should be sitting pretty at the bottom. Job done.

Hope this helps you create even more awesome 360° images👍

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