VRDL360 Won’t Support Live Streaming

The upcoming 7K VRDL360 won’t be support live streaming after all.

A message from Rao Jinhe (the CMO)

Here are those production shots in more detail:


Rao Jinhe This decision affects only live streaming feature. We will be providing desktop software for both Windows and Mac for live streaming in the future and you can still use your smartphone’s cellular network for live streaming with iOS app ( we know this may be a crazy idea). 

The decision is so they can concentrate on the quality of photo/video. Needless to say there has been a level of disappointment perceived, as well as some understanding from backers:

“You guys are aware of how fast the 360 camera technology is moving right? Every contender on the market can live stream with no issues on Android and iPhone for the most part.”

“This is a huge disappointment. I suggest hiring some app developers that can make android streaming work.”

“Damn, some people are really spitting their dummies out!  Live stream was a nice feature, but quality stills and video are definitely top priority for me. As a result I’m ok with VRDL’s decision if this is necessary.”

“Stitching in live stream in any quality is not easy, I can understand the choice they have to make”

When I asked,

Could it be included in a firmware update later down the line?

The reply was,

We haven’t found the solution for this yet with the current version of VRDL360 camera. Sorry.

Now he did say yet, so maybe, just maybe there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel and the issues could be fixed at a later date.

It was a feature that I was excited for and I was looking forward to all the possibilities. I just hope the stills/videos produced in 7k live up to the hype and allow you to zoom in and see in much greater detail than anything on the current non pro market. As for now it seems anyway, this is all the camera will be good for.

The camera is set to ship in September. You can find the indiegogo page here.

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