Hints & Tips

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20 360° Camera Hints & Tips - With the touch of a button (more or less) you can now share the entire world around you. Not just what's in front of the camera, but what's behind, above and to a lesser extent even below it. Unlike anything that’s ever been available before giving you a full 360° perspective. What makes this even better is the ability to use a VR headset. This brings your shots to life, truly immersing yourself as if you're actually stood there while the pictures were taken. After some trial and error myself I thought I would jot down a few hints and tips to help you along the way… Continue reading 20 360° Camera Hints & Tips
Top 360° Mobile Editing Apps - If you’re away from your desktop and unable to use the ActionDirector, then these are my favourite apps for editing my 360° photos and videos while on the move. Now because you’re using a specific make of camera doesn’t mean that you’re stuck using their software. Check out these apps available on Google Play: Collect … Continue reading Top 360° Mobile Editing Apps