Hints & Tips

360 Photo Sharing Sites - Here is a list of sites and apps for sharing 360 photos and videos… Continue reading 360 Photo Sharing Sites
Apply to the Street View Camera Loan Program - Interested in 360 cameras? Wondering what all the fuss is about? Interested in testing a 360 camera and discovering how you can create your own Street View 360 images? Read on! Google announced an expansion of the Street View camera loan program to include 360 cameras. Currently available to loan in the Netherlands, Austria, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France,… Continue reading Apply to the Street View Camera Loan Program
Connect the Gear 360 To Google Street View - On The Gear 360   1. Turn the device on by pressing and holding the BACK button. 2. Press and hold the MENU button. 3. Press the menu button until Gear 360 Manager appears. 4. Now press the menu button to scroll until you see Google Street View. 5. Press the red select button and… Continue reading Connect the Gear 360 To Google Street View
How To Add Your Own 360º Logo in 2 Minutes - A simple video showing you how to customise the base logo of your 360 shots. You will need photoshop and post editing to achieve this but it's actually quite simple to do.… Continue reading How To Add Your Own 360º Logo in 2 Minutes
How to Remove the Tripod from Your 360 Pictures - Removing your tripod is actually easier than you think. All you need is a photo editing program like photoshop and follow the simple step by step instructions below.… Continue reading How to Remove the Tripod from Your 360 Pictures
Watch 360° On Your Desktop - If you're looking for a free 360 desktop player for your PC or Mac then you needn't look any further. I think these are the best currently out there.… Continue reading Watch 360° On Your Desktop
Top 360° Desktop Editing Software - If you're looking for software other than ActionDirector to use for your desktop then this is my favourite for editing my 360° videos.… Continue reading Top 360° Desktop Editing Software
Best Affordable 360 Degree Cameras - There are now a whole host of 360 degree cameras that won't damage your wallet to much should you want to buy one. Here's a list of the best out there from the cheapest… Continue reading Best Affordable 360 Degree Cameras
Replacing the Samsung Gear 360’s Lens - I did the unthinkable and dropped my 360 camera and it resulted with a tiny, but none the less very noticeable, chip near dead centre of the lens. Finding out how to get it fixed proved to be a pain in the arse, at least until I came across samsung-parts.net that is. They had the… Continue reading Replacing the Samsung Gear 360’s Lens
20 Shooting in 360° Hints & Tips - With the touch of a button (more or less) you can now share the entire world around you. Not just what's in front of the camera, but what's behind, above and to a lesser extent even below it. Unlike anything that’s ever been available before giving you a full 360° perspective. What makes this even better is the ability to use a VR headset. This brings your shots to life, truly immersing yourself as if you're actually stood there while the pictures were taken. After some trial and error myself I thought I would jot down a few hints and tips to help you along the way… Continue reading 20 Shooting in 360° Hints & Tips